A man from McLeod County is in jail for reportedly assaulting a police officer after a dispute over wearing masks.

The incident began when he was told to wear a mask at the Hutchinson Menards store.

According to the report, Luke Alvin Oeltjenbruns, 61, of Hutchinson, allegedly struck a Menards employee with a piece of lumber following a dispute over wearing a mask.

Oeltjenbruns reportedly then left the store. He was observed by a police officer at the Walmart store. An officer who engaged him through the driver’s side window, became trapped in the window. Oeljtenbruns then reportedly drove-off at a high rate of speed with the officer hanging onto the vehicle.

During the struggle, the officer was reportedly struck in the head with a hammer. The officer was taken to Hutchinson Health for his injuries.  He is currently in stable condition.

Oeljtenbruns was arrested at the scene. He is facing charges of first degree assault--great bodily harm.