(Danube, MN)--Officials have made efforts to improve safety at a deadly intersection south of Danube in Renville County.  Since 2013, five people have reportedly died as a result of crashes at the intersection of County Roads 1 and 4. The most recent crash took the life of 19-year-old Kadin Huntley of Montevideo. He died August 29th after a crash the day before.

Crews have reportedly put up rumble strips in the pavement ahead of the stop signs and they have put up dual "stop ahead" signs. They have also put LED flashing stop signs up, under which are yellow signs stating "cross traffic does not stop."

Officials have seen people running stop signs on County Road 4 not only at County Road 1 but also at County Road 5 and Highway 4 and Highway 71.

MnDOT and Renville County officials hope the improvements will save lives.